Digital Investment Platform

Invest in the mining industry using digital technology


The platform is developed with the cooperation of recognized national expert associations

What we offer to mining industry participants

The Terra Prospect Digital Platform

A platform that facilitates financing of mining projects, featuring uninterrupted monitoring, expert evaluation and supervision of projects.

Platform Functions

The key functions of the Terra Prospect platform


Uninterrupted active gathering of data about project realization.

  • Interviews with Project Operators
  • Monitoring of work results
  • Interviews with Experts
  • Gathering of information from public databases
  • Monitoring of social networks


Uninterrupted process confirming the validity of received information.

  • Network of independent supervisors
  • Information verification software module

Audit & Evaluation

Uninterrupted analysis of information and a thorough auditing of projects.

  • Mining Project Auditing
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Professional evaluation of projects
  • TOR Investment Scoring software module


Preparation of professional reports regarding project realization, both manually and in automatic mode.

  • Reporting according to CRIRSCO's family standards
  • Platform-standardized online “Project Passport”
  • API for connecting with external software


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