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First Online Platform for Investing in Junior Mining Projects Will Soon Enter the Russian Market


The first online crowdfunding platform to facilitate investment and expert evaluation for natural resource mining projects will launch in Russia before the end of the year. This new platform, called Terra Prospect, will be built on blockchain technology. The platform’s services will allow investors to find promising natural resource projects, as well as provide its users with analytical tools such as a database of worldwide geological deposits.

It is expected that the main users of the platform will be investors, geological experts, and small- to medium-sized companies specializing in exploration and mining of natural resources. In 2018, the platform will operate in a limited test mode. The full scale platform will launch in Q1 2019.

The potential market for the platform exceeds $1.5 billion.

The platform will facilitate an inflow of new investment capital into small and medium projects in the sphere of mining, especially exploratory junior mining projects. Blockchain will allow these exploration and mining projects to be transparent and accessible to a wide community. The development of Terra Prospect incorporates the most current, innovative technologies which will allow the platform to be global, understandable, transparent, safe, and usable on any device.

The platform’s first junior mining projects, featuring professional evaluation and progress tracking, will become available in Summer of this year.

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