​Promotional Website Launched


We are pleased to announce the launch of our promotional website for the Terra Prospect platform. Our developers and designers have utilized the leading modern web design methods to ensure that the experience of our users is streamlined and satisfying.

One of the first sections we’ve added is the News section. Essentially, this is a journal for our platform, in which we dutifully record significant milestones in the development and implementation of the project. We hope that a few years from now, this journal will serve as a beneficial example for those who decide to undertake a similar project. We would be only too happy to see this happen.

The Expertise section of the site will serve our users as a guide to the world of geology and mining, and will be regularly updated with articles and commentaries from acclaimed experts. Using accessible language, this section will keep you well-informed about the current state of the natural resource mining sector worldwide.

Who are we? This question will be answered by the Team section of the site. There, you will find a personal history of each member of our project. Using this section, you’ll be able to formulate a general impression about each of us, and about the team as a whole.

We are also excited to present our Advisors section. In this section you will find acclaimed and well-recognized faces in the Russian geological expert community. To say that we are proud and honored by the caliber of our advisors is an understatement.

The Roadmap section of our site gives our users a visual representation of the timing of key periods and milestones for our project.

Using the Ecosystem diagram on the site, we have illustrated how our project will efficiently scale up by expanding the scope and geographical range of our projects.

The Market Niche section of our site helps to illustrate the specific nature of our project and its place in the market, at the intersection of mining investment and moderated ICO platforms.

We are happy to receive your questions, as well as comments and suggestions for improvement of our platform, either by email at or via the contact form on the site.

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