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This is the first in a series of periodic publications summarizing our progress on the development of Terra Prospect.

At our first team meeting of the year, held on January 15th, we discussed in detail our plans for the next several months and arrived at the following:

One week remains until work on the platform MVP is finished. Our team is working hard to finish on time and already looking to the future as we begin drafting the terms of reference for the development of the first fully functional version of the platform.

As already noted in our news section, we have entered into a partnership with the Kyrgyz Mining Association. Partnership negotiations with several other associations in Europe and the CIS are currently underway.

We also discussed and approved the long-term steps involved in the development of our Investment Scoring and Due Diligence evaluation systems.

The digital token component of the Terra Prospect project will be facilitated via Security Token Offering. We have researched the available STO platforms and service providers, evaluating them for compatibility with our platform’s investment model. Following this evaluation, we have begun the task of establishing more in-depth communications with those we consider to be the most promising.

In addition, we are currently finishing work on the EULA, preparing to publish pilot projects on the platform, and engaging in negotiations regarding the listing of TOR tokens on exchanges.

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