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The current version of the Terra Prospect platform (v1.0.0) is oriented primarily towards users who wish to publish their mining projects in order to attract investment.

The following functions have been implemented:

  • adding, deleting, editing and publishing a Mining Project
  • user registration and authorization
  • user profile settings
  • KYC procedures (simplified version)

Investors can currently make use of our platform’s basic functionality for viewing projects. Additional functionality for Investors will be added in upcoming updates that will be implemented shortly.

The Terra Prospect platform is currently provided in English and Russian.

Please familiarize yourself with the full list of current Terra Prospect platform functions (Version v1.0.0, Release date - 12.03.2018):

  1. User account functions
    1. user registration
    2. user authorization and password recovery
    3. simplified KYC procedure
    4. user role selection
    5. personal profile and personal information settings
  2. Miner account functions
    1. viewing all created mining projects in a “metro” view
    2. project creation
    3. viewing individual projects in a “project flashcard” view
    4. project editing
    5. project deletion
  3. Investor account functions
    1. viewing all published projects in a “metro” view
    2. viewing individual projects in a “project flashcard” view

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  • Investor
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  • Miner
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  • Expert Analyst
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