​Online meeting in March


On Wednesday, March 21, we conducted a general online meeting with the participation of the creators, organizers and developers of our platform. In addition to discussing our ongoing efforts, we outlined a list of important and urgent goals which we plan to achieve by the middle of April.

With this, our team continues to work on the creation of the project screening system. At this point in the process, we are preparing the user information forms for corporate and geological users.

In addition, we have begun work on the process of establishing regulatory requirements for the accreditation of our users.

Aside from organizational questions, we also discussed the problem of user verification which seems to us to be a concern for any online platform. In the initial stages, we plan to resolve this issue via our regional partners. As development continues into the coming year, we will establish partnerships with organizations specializing in verification and profiling. This will allow us to introduce our own procedure for receiving and utilizing user certification.

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