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benefits of the terra prospect platform
  • investors
    Invest in natural resource exploration and mining projects across the globe according to a unified professional standard; Create diversified investment portfolios; Use any amount of capital to begin investing.
  • miners
    Directly offer your mining exploration and extraction projects to a global community of investors; Receive capital investment for the implementation of your project with minimal costs.
  • expert analysts
    Directly access information about geological deposits worldwide; Profit from the practical application of your professional knowledge by analyzing and evaluating real projects.
Project Operation Team
Anton Rogozhin
Project lead.
Strategic planning.
Investor relations.
Pavel Astakhov
Sales & Marketing.
Investor relations.
Sergei Kobelev
Data Support.
Igor Lipkanou
Business development.
Strategy planning.
Sergei Mikhailov
Legal considerations.
Development of methods
of project due diligence.
Igor Svintiskiy
Geological community manager.
Development of the project evaluation methods.
Dmitry Lipkanou
Community manager.
Evgeny Moroz
Lead IT-developer.
Stepan Khabardin
Lead Designer.
This project is very interesting to me for several reasons. Firstly, the Terra platform will bring together mining projects, capital, and industry talent. Secondly, the project will offset the problem of mutual trust between market participants onto blockchain technology. This in turn will lead to the significant reduction of risks and transaction costs to all users of the platform in comparison to existing investment methods. The result will be the lowering of barriers to entry and capital costs for mining projects, and the increase of liquidity for investors. I could not pass by the opportunity to participate in the creation of something so beneficial.
Igor Lipkanou
Project advisor
I hope that the Terra Prospect platform will provide many established and junior mining companies with the opportunity to solve not only the problems of investment in their projects, but also many other production-related issues that are part of the industry. As of today, global digital investment technologies, blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies are the newest, most innovative instruments for investment in and adoption of mining and natural resource extraction. “This is a trend which cannot be ignored.”
Igor Svintiskiy
Project advisor
The Terra Prospect online investment platform is interesting because it creates favourable conditions for simplified investment in natural resource exploration and mining projects around the world, working in favour of small to medium-sized mining companies as well as a wide range of investors, with minimized risks thanks to the preliminary expert evaluation of projects.
Grigoriy Malukhin
Project advisor
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Anton Rogozhin
Manager of junior exploration and mining projects with 15 years of experience. Investment consultant with focus to the mining industry.
Pavel Astakhov
More than 10 years of experience in project management, startup launch and acceleration.
Igor Lipkanou
Project manager with over 20 years of experience. Has realized projects in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Eastern Europe, Africa and China. Developer of a unique methodology to increase effectiveness of business processes.
Igor Svintiskiy
Competent person of CRIRSCO. Executive director of OERN (Russian Society of Subsoil Use Experts). Executive director of the MinGeo Siberia mining and geology forum.
Sergey Kobelev
More than 10 successfully-launched web projects, including projects using blockchain technology.
Sergei Mikhailov
Extensive judicial practice, including cases concerning mining. Defense of the European Commission’s interests in connection with monopolistic actions of international counterparties. Juridical assistance to a number of international mining and construction projects. First discovery of Krivolukskoe oil deposit.
Ivan Razumov
Project Marketing; Community development of Russian mining companies using Terra Prospect
Stepan Khabardin
Technical UI/UX designer in the studio of Artem Lebedev. UI/UX designer for auto.ru following the Yandex project
Ekaterina Goncharova
PR director; Content editor; Strategic management of external an internal PR; Communication with media
Evgeny Moroz
Developer; Project development programmer
Dmitry Lipkanou
Played a key role on the team that successfully completed the ecological reclamation of several mine sites for companies such as Shell, Syncrude and Westmoreland Coal in 2013-2016.
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